You say I am wrong

Yet in doing so

You yourself are committing this sin you preach about

They pull me down

and cast their judgment

but what will Their judgment be?

In this contradictory world how is anything truly bad or good

When you talk about following light and following dark

how is each eternally connected to just one thing

Light can be the holy presence himself or the flames reaching from below

Dark the path of depression or a place of complete comfort

It is how you see it

how you hear it

it’s meaning to you and you alone

If you listen to everyone else, if you hear their negativity

how you suppose to be an individual

the new generation

creating, growing, expanding

if all we do is carry on the same thoughts we are simply clones of those before us

preaching the sin you create

and judging who is and isn’t worthy

making the same mistakes

putting Darwin’s theories into true test

an everlasting circles

are the true stronger ones those who keep in line and carry on

or the ones who question and push this boundary placed around us?  

The End

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