My heart is all better because it was never broken.

I’ve never had a lot to say because I’m very outspoken.

I’ve always done wrong so I have never felt guilty.

I think nice thoughts so my mind is very filthy.


There is a lot of evil in the world so I have nothing to fear.

I’m very happy so often shed a tear.

The world is much better because it was never bad.

I have always felt down and this makes me very glad.


I have never went through anything so I’m living in so much pain.

I never play around because life is nothing but a game.

I have many friends so I’m always all alone.

I have no one here to comfort me so I’m never on my own.


I am hard at learning so I have so much knowledge

I represent nothing because I’m very symbolic.

My suffering is all gone because it never left.

It’s easy to keep my promises because my promises are never kept.


It’s hard to hold on to anything but it’s just as easy to let go.

It’s very hard expressing myself through words because I just let my words flow.

I’m just like everyone else because I’m one of a kind.

I tend to rush through things because I prefer to take my time.


My head was never acquitted for it was always clear.

The pain is all gone because it was never here.

The End

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