Young Resilience

Little grasp of little hands,
Breathing deeply, thoughtful words,
“You’re so brave.”
Truly heartfelt sentiments,
Some vocal lidocaine
for the stress and pain

And not so little hands,
Need the same sentiments,
A girl of twelve, a life-long
Battle of seizure and steroid
Falling into status,
Phenobarbital. I walk into PICU
She lies there, peaceful
Still, intubated.
Her fierce heartbeat disturbs the silence
It’s not over yet.

We return now to tiny hands,
Here too soon, newly formed,
Dwarfed by BI-PAP, monitors and incubators,
One comes to mind,
Recovery and decline
like a yo-yo,
Yet on and on he fights
Armed with five litres of oxygen per minute
Through nasal cannula

Countless more I could retell,
Through pain and unknowing,
Laughter and joy shines,
You share in that warmth,
Perspective dawning upon you,
Young resilience
teaches wisdom well beyond its years.

The End

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