One can wish with all their might, and find true love, on first sight.
One of few can be happy, filled with joy and comfort.
Most are filled with jealousy, or greed.
Causing pain to others who heed.
They are the ones who plant the hurt in our hearts.
Leaving it to grow like poison ivy around our hearts.
Caressing it in a deadly embrace.
Soon, we lash out, cut, or are forever crying.
Wallow in our misery, and our self-pity.
Pain, like a disease sit in our minds. Influencing our words, thoughts, or actions.
We consider how it would feel, to take our last breath, and sigh, in realease. As we are taken away by Death.
We are not to blame, not us, but the Gardener.
The Gardener who planted the dreadful seed.
So it is our job, only, to drag them out of by the root.
Those terrible roots, dripping with our remorse, hate, and sadness.
But those who tear out the roots, be careful.
For, it is,

The End

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