Your words are reloaded

But there’s no way they can be aimed at me

I know what I am to you

This is the kind of affair that only has buyers and sellers

I bought into the glossy packaging

Only cause I wanted to feel that way


Look at me!

Look at me god damn it!

Look at me while you fuck me up!

We all drink from the poison

And we smear it across each other’s lips

But you can’t taste what makes me burn

I’m biting into flames

Falling into ashes

I’m drowning and floating all at the same time

This void’s supposed to have a flickering light

Something’s supposed to be here

With every compromise the hole is supposed to unwind

Take us where we’ve never been before

A place where our footsteps make the world turn around.

But you know what they say…


Do you feel like a bounty hunter?

A prized head shot

Flipping through faces

Searching through eyes

Treading through the ocean of blue, to sit upon their pupil

See what they’ve seen but you just can’t feel it

I know you want to but you just can’t connect with anyone

Cause all you see is you reflected in their eyes

The End

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