Consumed by you

Get out of my head


Get out of my head


Get out of my head


Just get out!

Not sure how to make you leave

But my gosh I wish you would

But no

You’re there

All the time

My thoughts

Completely consumed with you

By you

And I can’t handle it

‘cause you broke me

You hurt me

And you don’t care


Your feelings stopped a while ago

But you lead mine on

And when the like

When the like turned to love

You couldn’t hack it

So you broke me

Tore me apart

For days

And now you reside

In my head

In my heart

I’m still consumed by you

So get out


Just get out of my head


I beg of you

Because I can’t take the thoughts of you

For much longer

Knowing you aren’t having thoughts of me.

The End

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