Consume me.

Wrote this over a year ago after a particularly interesting night with my friends. Please feel free to critique/comment.

We are the architects of our own fate yet we perpetually lay our foundations of bitterness and hate. Why then, when the option is there, would we not want to step back and ponder or stare?

We are highly evolved, intelligent beings with an untapped amount of promise, yet we squander it all  just to hear that familiar wrinkle in our pockets. We march in droves, stamping our feet to the beat of their drum, and now even little Timmy has to get a job to help out poor old Mum.

We clock in and clock out to clock in and clock out, yet we never raise the obvious question: "Just what is this all about?" We work from the very moment that we are born, as we learn to grasp, the fundamental, all important basics of kissing our bosses arse.

And when you've worked all your life, and your skin to the bone, at least you can look forward to re-mortgaging your home. But nevermind, there's always good old Emmerdale on T.V........oh wait........didn't I mention?........that'll cost you a fee.

So why would you threat over this paper we call 'money' when it can't run your car or fill the hole in your tummy? And why would you loose sleep over what to be when your older? Just because "success" looks good in your 'record of achievement' folder?

Enjoy your life in the best way that you can see fit, and if that means 'success' in your career then by all means my friend, go for it! But for me it's more than just a daily 9 to 5 affair, a drunken weekend in the city or the colour of my hair. It's about taking part in what is next and what is going to be: a cohesion of nature and spirituality.

A new way of thinking and a new way of seeing, that I am not a "consumer", I am a human being.

The End

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