read the what is in the parentheses


(you've never cared about me,)
yet no matter where you are,
you'll always be with me.
and i know that's selfish
because you
were not mine
to keep.

(and i know that.)
you've never felt the same,
but someday,
i hope you'll understand
that not ever did i see you
as something
i could hold on to.
and that it was just something
out of my control.

(but you see,)
you were the stars
in my eyes.
a fire that never seemed to have died.
and no matter how many times
i tell myself that i've never
crossed your mind,
my heart says otherwise.

(to me,)
you were the most
beautifully unattainable creature
i had ever seen.
gliding quietly through the world,
while everyone you met
fell under your spell.

(you were everything.)
that i wanted
and something i couldn't have.
but you changed me,
and now i'll never go back.
because the stars we see
in the dark sky
are long gone.
and now,
so are mine.

- l.m.

The End

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