Constellation in the sky

A conversation with a constellation about why I visit every night

Constellation in the sky

I thought of you as the day went by

And now as I watch the comets fly

I hear you ask me a question: why?


Why do you choose to stare at me

When you could be inside watching T.V.?

Do I hold the beauty you wish to see

Every night before you go to sleep?


"Yes". I tell you, "It's your beauty indeed"

"It's not something you find on regular T.V."

"But it's more than your beauty that I love to see"

"Every night before I go to sleep."


"Well, tell me my great and faithful friend

That I will love till the very end."

I look at you with happiness in my eyes

And tell you your beauty lights up the sky.


You look around and you see that it's true

The reds are more red and the blues are more blue

You turn back to me with tears in your eyes

And I ask you very calmly, "Why do you cry?"


You tell me, "Because I'm your constellation in the sky

You thought of me as the day went by

And as you watched the comets fly

You answered me when I questioned you why.


The End

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