Constant Cycle of Love

Have you ever fallen asleep
To the heart beat of someone you loved
And thanked the heavens and the stars above
For their very existence?

Have you ever felt the butterflies
Tingling in your very being,
Knowing he loves you
And that you are the only one?

Or when you hate yourself
For blushing so much
Just because he looked at you so intensely
You think there is nobody else in the world.


What happens when the love wears away?
When you fall asleep listening to silence
And pray to whoever you know above
He would return.

Have you ever had a moment
When you felt the butterflies die
And your very being feels empty
When you realize that you are not the only one?

Or when you cannot feel the heat
Under your cheeks
Because he is no longer there
To look at you or even care.


Love is a constant cycle we cannot stop.
It is the roller coaster
That gives us the butterflies
Tingling in our very being.

And someday we will fall asleep
To the heart beat of the one we definitely love
And the one who loves us in return.
We will thank faith for finding them.

Their love will be so strong
That a heart will skip a beat
Because they looked at you with over-whelming adoration
You will be certain that you are the only one.

The End

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