constant change through a childs eye

A take on change

How wicked thou are

thou took my mother's cudling from me 

my free biscuits and papas tender loving eye on me

though made me so rigid and matured looking

why art though constant oh change?

Thou took away my nice babish looks

And everyones attention and loyalty to me 

thou took everyones will to play with me

your jelousy affected my comfort

why art thou constant oh change

Yes; you taught me life not to be a bed of roses,

and then how to fend for my self 

yes you made the girls run after me

and people say u're good but you took away my innoscence 

why art thou constant oh change

Wanting thee or not thou me 

friend or foe I cannot tell

you taught me life , and took away my privileges

and when I try to make ends meet thou took away the day

but thou made me pursue my dreams even better

and helped strengthen my purpose, continue to be constant oh change

The End

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