Consider yourself before the divine

No hate comments - this is my view and if you don't like it - that's fair.

Is this world not enough?

This horrific, beautiful struggle

The opening of butterfly wings before inevitable death.

The pure mechanical, messy, bloody bodies.

The rising of our celestial being each morning

The awakening of metallic beasts and fumes of smog

The upward strife for seedlings, thrust from jail seed casings.


Need we embellish it further?

Cast our everyday to shame under idols

Ceremony, ritual, spells and worship

Seeking a humanoid 'God' so we feel imbiggened

when in fact we are small, tiny, inconsequential insects compared to all.

We feel the urge for clarification

during our mundane short lives, 

that the eternal sunshine awaits upon departure of life.

When did we need this, for our alturistic selves, for an all-knowing,

all-seeing, all-punishing yet forgiving 'God'?

The Unseen CCTV.

But is not your life enough?

Each morning you wake,

Go to work,


Return home and sleep,


Consider yourself before the divine.

The End

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