Congruence of Self

This is only part of the whole thing, but this seemed like a better ending although it's missing a few key things I wanted to say, the things connecting those few lines seems to just lack....any real depth. Maybe I'll put the rest up when I'm not tired and can get some help on it.

I'm in a constant loop of redirection.

'Cause I can't consider that this'll take more than a second.

My mind has been hay-wired, trapped, cramped and stamped with labels.

Connect me to some cables til I get a light pop from the right action.

My sight look away from my passion but its rational,

that we live in a society that's not sociable to you, yourself,

and eyes can't see your thought process in realization. 

You lack congruence to relieve your body of the inconvenience.

Every moment in disobedience to your own view,

whipped like your scrotum got snipped and you're left worthless.

Popularity without identity.

Like seeing your dreams come true through your enemy.

You never took the action,

just got caught stepping through the hoops like a lion tamed by reaction,

living in reaction,

doing in reaction,

until you react to their transgressions.

So worried about how to compromise,

that you delude yourself, to relieve yourself from the sound of sighs.

Because your boring them,

and I won't tell you again.

Live your life.

Through your heart, because it beats, pumps and starts every action you take,

but don't mistake this for passion.

A man who takes action without thinking is reckless

but a man who thinks without action is lifeless,

so think twice not thrice because every second I live in my head, I die in reality.

Am I congruent.

Do I think and do I do.

Or do I act to your reaction,


The End

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