This is how I felt after my heart got broken in a thousand pieces and I didn't know what to think and felt so confused.

I feel lost and confused, how can you mean

something this morning and now it is lost

and gone? How can you love someone and all

of a sudden there is nothing but emptyness

coldness in your eyes were no love shows

anymore. Your smile not as bright as before

and meant for me. I wish I could take you back

when everything was okay and we made the

best memories and laughter togheter. But

you can't force someone to love you or

notice you when they don't want to anymore.

I wish you could see the tears I cried and that

you could feel the pain in my chest where my

heart is. I also wish you could see what you meant

to me and how much I loved you and needed

you.Where was the time that you promised that

you won't walk away and that you will fight for

me and take me away from this place and

give me a better life, where are those words

and promises now?

Confusion is the only way I can feel now

beacause I don't know how all of this spiraled

out of control so fast and I got left behind, confused

at the thought that you don't love me anymore

but can tell me you love me a few minutes ago.

How does that work my love? Please tell me

so I can know and bring my restless and confused

heart to rest.

The End

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