The author is confused over her own bisexuality, thinking and worrying about whether she will be accepted into today's society, by her parents, by her friends.

Hardly able to think right,  I'm a god awful sight, 

but which am I in love with? I think it may be both. 

Confusion originates from cruel judgement, 

or from the fear of whom this cruelty originates. 

I am a woman. I am a man. I am everything

Nature creates from her blood and flesh

and yet I am still curious. 

I am confused. 

A university dorm in Liverpool, I sit, 

surrounded by young men and women, apparently bathing in


I do not see hate of Sin. 

Society must think me blind. 

Men touch men and women, I think. 

Women touch men and women, I think.

What if men and women touch me? Should I run away?

Should I explore this experience like some in-depth university thesis?

I'm confused. 

Judgement hangs by my shoulder like D/death 

those loved ones become possible enemies against what I like

I feel their heavy breath 

Against my neck. 

I am in love with a man, but I feel this may cease

as my view of the Cupid world starts to wither and decrease,

because of this strange thought I feel is right,

confused as I am, society's release gives me sight.

I am no longer confused. 

The End

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