A teenager's life is wrought with confusion. This is a look into the stress and pressure faced by a teenager.......the expectations of others, peer pressure, frustration......

How dejecting can this situation get?
I’m standing here all lonely n wet

Breathing in this cold air

Every day is a new nightmare.

I tried so hard to flip these cards

How many miles? How many more yards?
My life has walls like a cell in a jail...
Kill me, I bet it’s more peaceful in hell.


Tick tock, the time goes on…..

Its alpha, sigma and delta all day long.

Staying locked up in my room, focused on my task

Is a little bit of fun, too much to ask??


“To be an IITian should be your aim”

“It’s the best institute in India”, so they claim.

“If an engineer or doctor you are not,

For the rest of your life, you’ll sit and rot!”


I miss my childhood, when I was free,

Racing against the wind and climbing a tree.

Gone are those days, and with them gone is my freedom,

And all that has been replaced by thick tomes and boredom.

They say is the limit....
If u can’t reach r called a dimwit
Come-on people I tried.....give me some credit

I’ve been given this life, it’s not mine to edit.

But actually there’s a silver lining
I figured it out.....hence no more whining.....
Look at the mirror and then the world around you spinning
You are not the only one who should have a second inning!

The End

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