Confound the AshesMature

These are feelings and random ideas that sort of float around in my head and then come out in a flow...

confound the trees when they are open everything seems different, but it is just
the cycle of butterflies on fire; the smoke starts to sink until it hits the
 ground at a running start; we leap and pirouette til we drop to the clouds
oh what a wonderful feeling it is to be under water while the sun is shining
 and sin is all but gone through the ashes of the things not yet forgotten
only pushed aside to the stone pillars of justice and restoration; how we ask
the question is how the cucumber always let us know the story of the things
once beautiful, decayed and corrupted, but one day when they die the beauty
will return like roses blooming on the grave of a soul, not already dead,
but close to the wind blown across dunes of tears again on the wind while
 the autumn turns to summer to spring ,every thing flips and flops like a
 fish out of water but when we flip and flop we are where we belong;
 oh confound these things for i am blown blown away

The End

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