Confound it.

A response to the picture story book "The Violin Man"
I have imagined a conversation between Oscar and one of the many gnome like creatures which appear in background illustrations. Oscar contends that the hurt done to him is comforted by his steadfast faith in his daughter's continuous existence.

There’s wildness in my mind

Where strange kinds

Of creatures talk and roam

Says the gnome,

“The world will confound you,

Confound it.”


“Observe the world outside

Where strange kinds

Of tragedies occur

All the hurt

The world has you confounded

Confound it.”


To this so I reply,

 “Peel your eyes 

  For Marietta lives

  I believe

She’s a shadow in the snow

Confound you!”


“She’ll dance the frosty night

Under lights

A ghostly kind of grace

 On her face

Her loveliness


The End

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