Conformity: The Human Obsession With Being What Everyone Wants You To Be


Stand outside the school gates,

'Friends' like only those who smoke,

So that's what I did,

Taking to 'him',

He liked 'em thin,

So I starve and sicken,

To please his bored mind,

Fashion industry surrounded us,

They liked 'em blonde,

So we rushed after each other,

Like sheep to a slaughter-house,

Oh-So-Easy to follow their command,

We are all so glass-rod thin,

Bleached to yellowy-white,

Baked and sprayed to golden brown,

Painted, plastic little dollies,

Worshipping 'This Week's Issue',

We trip in our haste to match the others,

"What fun to be the same!"

We all gather here today as clones,


"Soooo last year!"

The End

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