Conform, Smile, Just BlendMature

We live in a world where profit and power mean more than the individual. Loss of individuality is the price we pay...its way to high.
When I was young I was forever being reprimanded for being a dreamer...I've only just realised its not a crime..its who I am and what sets me apart...the world is poor without creativity or imagination...its time we celebrated being who we really are.

Sacrifice, Rush, rush...No time dreamers,
Profit is the expectation, pay attention,
Just do what's expected
Society demands it or be ejected
Conform, smile, just blend.

Conformation, denigration,
It'll work out in the end, pretend
Moneys gone, so slave again
Who gives a damn, so you're dying inside.
No time to waste, join the slide
Conform, smile, just blend.

End of day, hide away
Mask removed, let rivers flow,
Isolated in a world of confusion,
Happiness is but an illusion
Time to return to reality
Wear the mask, face the brutality
Conform, smile, just blend.

No fear, no feeling, total numbness
No you nor them, only glumness
Swallowed into an abyss with no escape
This mask is all that is recognisable
A part of my being, justifiable
Conform, smile, just blend...let it end.

Tap, Tap, Help. Reality the dawning,
Mask discarded. Is this a warning?
Who are you? Who is me?
Everything others want you to be
Creativity, desires to express repressed
Erased, Conformed, smiled...depressed

Remembering the time of innocence
Swimming in clouds, no shrouds
Colour swirling, light and free
Words that formed, written in glee
Imagination not the villain
I fell in line, hope to be forgiven,
Conformed, smiled, lived a lie

We are special, so don't despair
There are those that really care
Be who you are in actuality
Don't deny your reality,
Let society do the conforming,
Smile while life's reforming.

The End

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