Confiscated Time

When dust gathers do you blow it away?

Like you can suspend time

Make it feel like time hasn’t passed at all

Then, there’s no other way you’d understand

Praying, Praying for the clock hands to reach out

And hold us together

In silence and in peace, all will leave us be


I don’t think of the irreversible

Neither should you

Hope a drum in my chest

Beats out the twinkle of strings

There’s nothing to fray

Nothing to cut

Our wings arched and freestanding

Pluck them, we’d just use stilts

Reach heaven through the climb

Reach heaven through the climb


Father time show us some sympathy

Just stop ticking

I’d trade my youth

I’d trade my innocence, my beauty

For that lingering second

Let our eyes do the talking this time

Speak of nothing but want

I don’t believe in fate anymore

I choose!

I choose us

My will more powerful than the wind

Tossing water, cutting earth

A woman’s love a force never to be reckoned with

Gods, monsters, morae back away

Just walk away

Leave us be



The End

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