Confirmation of Gratitude

My, my, my, my dear; I hear you've been busy: sitting here, sitting there; sitting atop your high horse. I have shifted interests now; believe me when I say I have an electric hatred; running with such force in, and through the circuits of my will. If you still believe I can't save her: then give up on love as well... I have brought the radiation of truth to poison the ears. What a hell is the world; we live terra firma. Break the glass to make a problem and to solve it. Make me the maker, and I can show you anything. Deus Ex Machina is your motto when speaking of intelligence: artificial. A biological dog can still learn mechanical tricks...See! Don't you see them? Proudly doing as they're told! Marching farther and farther at break neck speeds. Make their voices louder; even more nonsensical please. I'll stay right      here and wait for life's party guests to give me a confirmation of gratitude... 

The End

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