A condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; it is a sadness, greater and more prolonged than warranted by any objective reason.


This is my state right now

I want to run, this is what I found

But there is no place I can

Since I have been bound


You take away my pride

And give back nothing

You take away my choice

Giving sadness gathering


It is times like this

I have a hard time to trust

But you demand it

Almost like it was lust


You taunt me with injustice

And I have learned I was wrong

You taunt me with dejection

But I carried this weight all along


Why do you do this?

Is this just another test?

Why are you hurting me now?

Please put your doubt to rest


It won’t stop, you enjoy it, it seems

It won’t stop I know you too well

It won’t stop you want this fun

It won’t stop, I now live in hell


I now even doubt my own life

Looking at it as a lie

I say nothing at all to anyone

Just sitting alone asking why?


Original by Cheryl Gould ©


The End

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