I tried to murder my pain

But it kept consuming me

Peering into my empty morals

Inside a corpse’s shell I rot

My core so numb I feel undone

Bid me from blood shed

Always kept from the light to salvation

I’ve never been awake, dead since I was born

The addiction is overshadowing me in the night

Surrounded by lies and pretending perfects

Why don’t they see what I see?

They take in so much self-indulgence it feeds them

Bowing down to the wondrous beings

But the one’s you look up to are just as messed up as you

Realizing the sad truth, knowing some think nothing of you

Another slice has caused me to sin, but I do it for I am hurt

This habit can never be broken; I’ve loved the cool metal to my skin

 The slow slitting, and the cut seeps crimson rubies feels like freedom

It’s occurred; every scratch is worth it, finger-painting the walls

Picking every bit of decency of me is what causes my hatred

I run inside, shut tight, and lock my door

Catching my breaths, I clutch the shivering cold blade

Anger, worthlessness, unwanted, unappreciated, taken-advantaged of

All why I do what I do

What’s worth fighting for now?

To live longer? To actually suffer more in the polluted world?

I wouldn’t want to suffer while living in the great black abyss

Flooding with crawling, conniving vermin filled with deceptions

I feel this way because of how other’s feel everyday

The rape, murder, and scams

All for people’s greed and pride

I’ve felt this pain; I’ve suffered for other’s greed and pride

The selfishness they have pushes people to their limits

But when it’s all over, I’ll smile down on their graves

The End

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