concept of saints and my vast worldly difference from them

love the sinner hate the sin

my entire life is living the love i have been afforded
learning to be quiet 
when i need something from someone i compact my spine and shoulders
make myself smaller
tilt my head up and make my eyes wider
speak softly, concisely, politely

i have weaponized my femininity 

and i rage 
rage against sexism and homophobia and transphobia 
filled with righteous fury 
brimming wild and sweltering inside me 
a desperation to have my love decriminalized across the world 

gender-neutral washrooms are my favorite place to be 
no pressure no rules no expectations
what's in my pants doesn't define my pronouns

because when will people learn that it's f-cking rude 
to demand of someone the way their bodies formed in the womb 
as if it matters, impacts them

and i find it funny (funny, funny in a sad way in a mad way)
that parents say they'd be alright with any gender right before the birth 
but as soon as the baby blinks for the first time 
it is stuck with whatever was exposed to hospital lights at its expulsion into the world

so go ahead, 
claim that you 

love the sinner hate the sin

but that sin is part of my life 
my identity
you can't separate them

and you know what? 
i give up. 

just hate me too. 

hate the sinner hate the sin 

at least it's consistent.

The End

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