concept: don't pressure young girls into thinking sex is a norm that they will inevitably be forced to complete in order to be seen as valid in their gender roleMature

not to mention that it also objectifies them, but that's a whole other ballgame

did anyone ever realize
that our attitude towards sex
as a society
is worrying?

i mean, honestly. 

we're not taught anything in school
but it's still a constant pressure on young girls

they (we?) are told,
over and over and over again
that it's going to hurt. 

that we're going to have this
thing taken away from us 
and it's going to be painful

and we have to do it 

but i...
i'm ace.

i'm okay with that, 
and when i say i don't want to, 
i mean it. 

and i goddamn know that i mean it
so why doesn't everyone just
back up and sit down
and think about why we're 
feeding this to young girls?

The End

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