I wrote this when my great grand mother passed. This poem focuses on her reunion with her husband. This is what happened after 40 years apart.


After years of confinement within bland colored walls

Her world bursts into color

I have been waiting; a saccharine voice calls from behind

A ray of white light emerges, leaving her obfuscated

Welcome Home


Her skin is plump and smooth

Her shimmery white hair transforms into a stark black

To her surprise she stands up, her hunched back now sinuous with femininity

A cotton white dress replaces her overwhelming knit sweater

No pain, no restraints

She is herself again


They grab hands, a gesture forty years waiting

The first contact seems to shock her

Their fingers intertwine

His warm touch counteract her frigid hands

The lovers embrace, never to let go

For all eternity


He whisks her off to his world

The places he’s explored during these forty years

His favorite spot seems to be a hidden grassy mountain in the Swiss Alps

Where he’s been watching her

The surrounding snow capped mountains overpower the scenic view

She dances, her feet floating above the grass

Exuding grace, fatigue never reaches far enough to grasp her



A light shines above, filling their souls with warmth

It’s not the sun, no

But rather the purest most breathtaking light of all

They lay in the grass, breathing the thin air

Getting rushes of chills with the erratic breeze

They are complete, in heaven

Never have they felt more alive





The End

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