What is commonplace is not always best...

My friends say I should

talk more

so I make small talk with the woman

scooping boxed mash potatoes on my tray

                                                prattle (as Martin Heidegger would call it)





I ask her if she likes her job,

which I realize,

was probably a mistake


she narrows her eyes at me

and the potatoes drip with disdain

                                    apparently she doesn’t like it either.

But you understand right

small talk is called small talk

for a reason


you can’t ask the mailman if he likes Aristotle’s views on the soul

without sounding like a complete dingbat


talk to me, mailman-


“Hi, how are you today?”

“Good and yourself?”


do I tell him I’m good

or do I tell him that the shards of this meaningless chatter

are mutilating my throat


“I’m good, thanks.”


The End

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