Come what may

Kate protested, "Cut it off. She is toxic."
Is it true? Do we resemble the depths of the ocean: Dark, cold, enveloped with fear and hypoxic?

Mel scolded, "You need time to recondition - A cooling off period."
She spoke with such conviction, intuition.
Made me ponder, made me wonder
what it would take to prevent repetition of our blunders.

We decided to be guided by our hearts and the advice provided,
we'd take the risk in letting one another go.

May this agreement bring fulfillment
may it teach us to grow
into individuals that stride with bliss, no remorse, gratified.
Who's to say
we won't collide and reside in each others arms one day.

I wish you well
do not dwell
My dear.
Hold strong
no fear
as we always say
come what may.

The End

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