come at me with a crowbar, i'll swing it back at your faceMature

this is one of my all-time favorite poems and it makes me cry sometimes:
you should probably go check it out

why is representation important?

because i cry when someone's asexual. 
i don't get that often. 

it's the fact that i'm proud of who and what i am, 
but that doesn't always make it easier. 

rainbows and laughter on Pride day doesn't make
classmates running through the halls calling things "gay"
any less painful. 

they say it like it's a joke. 

i want to show them that i'm nothing to laugh at, 
but i am not brave. 

being bi is hard. 
being gay is hard. 
being queer is hard. 

this is not your pretty little fairytale, 
where you have the "diverse" background characters
and you use me as an excuse to be an asshole

i will not tolerate your bullshit
i don't care how pretty you are

your mouth is almost as shallow as your stomach

i hope you're fucking satisfied

that i sat for two hours with my legs out my windowsill
thinking about oblivion and 
how no, i couldn't do this to my friends

because i am fine. 
i am just fine

even though i'm skittish and nervous
and i'm a fucking natural disaster
i will never be anything but fine around you

my weaknesses are for those who won't
use them to pry me open.

The End

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