Veins flooded and clogged with the stuff,

As if I was a battery,

Brain-cells buzz like electricity,

The walls seem to close in on me from every angle,

I throw and slam myself against them,

I want out, I need to get out,

I never signed up for this.


They come an inject me,

The needles don't hurt anymore,

I've got used to them,

But I still bite and scream until they tie me up.

This isn't an experiment into psychology,

This is driving a sane person over the edge,

For some sadistic little laugh,

Or to give those clipboards and labcoats some kind of use,

straitjacket crash-tester, medication conniseur,

You might as well get me to try out the padded-cell,

Just to see if it's enough to make me snap,

The last of all sanity drains away,

We're all mad here,

You've achieved your goal,

To drive me over the edge.

The End

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