Come Around Monday

Come around Monday,

I'll start up some new plan, start up a band,

try to start this life all over again.


come around Monday,

I'll move along at a frenzied pace,

light up this place and become a disgrace,

maybe even follow more rules.

Come around Monday,

I know I'll change.


'Cause karma's still got catching up to do.

Following the pupils behind vacant eyes,

the great world wide disguise,

your mouth shaping those lies.

I'm living in postmodern daydreams,

floating alone through particle lightbeams,

going, going,


Finding trains, followed planes.

Finding ways to win the race.

Finding a way to keep your brain.

Minds are warped by psychotic priests,

feeding us that bile through all those I.Vs, T.Vs

Plastic wrapped foods.

Hide away, far away,

a new day will dawn,

Come around Monday.

Let's not grow up,

let's just go home.

The End

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