I was pulling a 90 on the highway

Frustrated with my life, why can't things go my way?

I had just been laid off, this was the fourth time ,

My boss was a jerk , just like others before him

On top of everything else the girl I was dating

had just dumped me , I'm pretty sure she felt such elating

A tunnel I entered , isolated, quiet , darkness shrouded

But there was a sudden burst of light , I think I shouted

a bit, It was a truck at the other end approaching

at full speed , he probably was too drunk to see anything

It hit my car, everything happened so fast, it was insane

I thought that I'd hit the windscreen  get a surge of pain

But I went from light to sudden blackout, and then light again.

It was strange, I couldn't remember anything between

the time of the accident and now, nothing heard or seen

I found myself in the middle of the road near a dumpster bin

no bruises ,no trauma, not even a scratch on my skin

But it felt different, something was definitely wrong

Where am I , and what has happened all along??

As I look around myself  , I gasp in disbelief

I don't know what to feel, shock , awe or grief

The world around me has become smaller without my knowledge

I can see my house next to my school , which is right next to my college

I see all the places I've visited lined and spaced out but

this is unnatural, what's going on? Am I going nuts?

I start running towards my home , I knock , and ring too

My little brother opens it , says "Yes ? Can I help you?"

"Brother! It's me ! I don't know what's going on !

 like some crazy impression my crazy mind has drawn"

"Who are you dude?" He says with suspicion, looking me up and down.


I push my way in and run to my father and mother ,

They're sitting by the television , oblivious of me or my brother

"Mom Dad ! Why is he behaving like this ? Is he crazy?

Why has the world around me got suspiciously hazy?"

"Am I hallucinating , is this some magic ?

I'm pretty  shaken up after that night which was tragic

I don't know what sorcery is this, some kind of voodoo?"

They turn around and stare at me"Sorry mister, we really can't recognize you"

"Have you all lost it?" I shout "I 'm a part of this family!!

I'm your son and your brother with whom you lived happily"

"I really don't know who you are , I'm fearing more and more"

said my mother ," my son works in the next building on the thirteenth floor"

I ran out of the house, my head spinning like a top

This is utter madness , this craziness , it has to stop

I need to know who I've been substituted with

My own family treated me like some kind of a myth

I run to the address they gave me to find him

only to find myself facing the office of the company I always wanted to work in

Before entering I check  myself in the glass door

Overweight , spectacled , freckles that I always bore

It's me all right , so what's wrong with everyone?

How can my parents disown their own son?

I walk through the door , in by the reception 

Preparing, getting ready to face the root cause of this deception

and I see her , clear as day, it's like putting my head on a knife

standing right near the elevator is the lost love of my life

The girl I always adored, the one who was my life's prize

Her short black hair, tanned skin, her golden brown eyes

I started walking towards her, planning to sort out everything

But then I saw a gleam of light , coming from a diamond ring

on her finger, she was engaged , or married I'm not sure

I never told her how I felt because I always thought I was a failure

I took the stairs, I'd rather climb 13 flights of stairs

than share an elevator with her and curse my life for being unfair

I ran all the way up , T shirt drenched, short of breath

Flashes of the accident which would have been my death

going through my head , when I reach the 13th level

Legs paining, chest panting, hair all disheveled

I see a grand office , beautiful , brimming with staff

Suspiciously this is the kind of office I always dreamed of

I asked a passing fellow where the boss was located

He asked me to take a seat and offered me tea while I waited

Finally someone came and said I was called for

I ran inside and was struck with shock and awe

the cabin was amazingly huge,the architect must have been put to task

It took me time to notice in the center was seated she, and a guy in a mask

So this is her husband, and my parents' prodigal son

The hopes and dreams of my entire life ,who had so easily won

"Who are you ?? What have you done to me? " I scream

Why does everything around me seem like a dream?

What is she doing here? Why am I an unknown ?"

He said " Calm down, you're about to have your mind blown

with my explanation . Dear, can you please leave us alone?"

She left the room and he started walking towards me

I couldn't see his face but I knew he was seeing through me

He was in perfect shape ,clad in a three piece suit , hair in perfect order

I really couldn't place him , and the mask made it harder

"You don't remember anything , do you? You worthless schmuck

You were doing 90 on the highway before you were hit by a truck

The medics took you to the hospital , the doctors gave you their all

But to no avail , you wouldn't respond to your own mother's call

You are still alive and breathing, just unconscious under a heavy dose

I think the appropriate term for your state is 'Comatose'

This isn't reality , this is the part of your brain ,

Where lie all your suppressed happiness , grief , joy and pain

But most of all ,it is me you should be looking at

pay attention , while we have our little chat

I was born with you , I grew up with you , I was raised in this world

as you were in yours, but the only difference is that you hurled

every childhood pain my way, suppressing it inside your head,

I was in pretty bad state , and you grew wiser instead

but then there reached a point in life where you entered the world outside

where real life hit you top,bottom, center ,left and right

and then you started throwing at me , each unfulfilled goal

all your hopeless dreams , all the broken bits of your soul

I am what you always thought you would be , everything you  ever wanted

and for a lot of time these were a part of you , but when you were daunted

by life, you threw them out and they came to me , I became everything you

couldn't , every single thing you wanted to be , I really wanted to

see this day when we would come face to face and you could see ."

I stood there numb , my eyes brimming with tears,

his words were like wasps that were stinging on my ears

I didn't know what to say , and to add to the drama

He took off his mask that hid his face like an armor

and that was the last straw , more than I could bear to see

I was face to face with the perfect, winner version of me.

He put his hand forward , shook mine and said,

"Congratulations, man , I'm glad you could see,

If you were just a little determined , everything you could be

your time is short now , you're going to succumb to your wounds

and that will destroy both our worlds, anytime soon

In case you still haven't understood these unruly visions

All you see around you are your unattained ambitions

 And let me introduce myself , that my friend, is very essential

I am, pleased to meet you, your unreached potential ."


And then I heard the beep beep beep of the hospital room

echo all around me , as if it was the sound of impending doom

Everything went blank again , I think thats when we both died,

I mean the winner part of me , and the one that never tried.


The End

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