Coma Child

She lies still, with porcelain skin,

and glass eyes drowning deep,

frozen behind the dreams, on waking,

she must fight to keep,

kept, a doll, behind those walls,

so far from here or there,

trapped on the edge of a world worth leaving,

just because they 'care',

without the voice she needs to scream,

to tell them let her go,

she's ensnared by waking nightmares,

but "it's just too painful to let go"


Pull the switch and let me fall


she pleads but they don't hear,

too consumed by selfish 'love'

it's lonliness they fear,

caged in a blank page hell of white,

with procelain skin, she lies,

she breathes, but far from living weeps,

behind drowning deep glass eyes.

The End

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