Dirt Upon the Floor

Whispering behind
Your back. Time melts by,
Still they
Whisper. Pushing past
Like your invisible.

Ground their heels
Into your stomach. Leave you there
Gasping for that breath
to fit in.
Like your invisible.

Dirt on the floor. Think
You should be honoured
To even walk next to
Like your invisible.

Push past you. Bully you
By making snide comments
And say it is a joke.
But go too far
Like your invisible.

Walk past you
Whisper and laugh behind your back.
Talk while you stand
And watch
Like your invisible.

Rules do not appeal
To them. So they
Break them, and get away
With it. They bend the way their destiny
Goes. Like your Invisible.

And all the while, you
Stand there. Biding your time
Knowing what is to come.
Hold your tongue. One day
You will be invisible no more.

One day they will pay, they will
Feel the hurt you suffer from them.
But never become one
Of them, Never stoop to that level.
Know this none are invisible.

None are dirt upon
The floor. We all have
Our parts in life. Mine
Just happens to be the watcher.
The sufferer of their taunts.
The dirt they walk upon. But know

Act like your Invisible, watch
From  the side. One
Day you will become
Visible to them. You
Will be bright compared
To their shallow
Souls and life. But do not
Become them. For then
You are that dirt that
Bakes under the darkened sun.

The End

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