Night Of The Night With The Black Stones

Black Stones,
Scattered as one below
Broken glass, edges shape alone
Crimson pool
Pool with no image to bare on top its darkened surface

Tragic Love
Open books, old but new
Burning pages, without light
The ceiling with none of the stars

Light lost with no hope
Dark left without its companion despair
Glass standing with its silent glint
Sounds above without and words

Death before the look of life
Night of the Night before the Night of the Day
Flesh before the whiteness of bones
Sickness before the visible hope of the cure

Horizons with its distant rings
Dissolves upon Dissolves
Unstable supported by Unstable
Dark with twisted clouds
A world with the tilted lakes

Invisible messages
Openly spoken
Spoken before the silent lips
Down below were the dead gaze away that beating heart

Skies alive with the flame
Wind sung sword flash among the blackened ground
Mudded face lay within the devils hand
Liquid sheild, shimmered surface

Water destroyed by fire
Fire lives upon the cold
Coldest flame envelops the world
Hardest water turn with the page.

The End

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