Colours And Puzzles

A life through the eyes of a child with autism, who tries to make shape of an unorganised world

I’ll live in lines of order and staring at insects on the T.V.

A small bubble of order in an undefined world, I dwell impatiently

Tearing at the walls looking for patterns in the living room

Why can’t the world work with its laws?

Why must the kaleidoscope shift so erratically?


New friends and new sights

They all possess kind eyes

But these strangers as demons to me

Why can’t I live in an orderly bubble?

Staring at insects on the T.V.


I’m talking out to the empty air and the spaces in between

Panicking at the spectrum of chaos that I seem to see

I want the right bus, the time of arrival in my hands

The colours and the puzzle in all the right places

I only wish for a castle-like mind, no dreams of living free


Apathy for kinder people

I stare into unfamiliar eyes

My loved ones are as spectres to me

I want to dwell in a sphere of fantasy

Staring at insects on the T.V.


Throw my food away and push my brother aside

I’ll speak to the world and not perceive an answer

Slowly, slowly I’ll smile at the kindest hearts

Familiar faces barely register

There’s no order in this puzzle, these colours in life

The End

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