colour-blind love

bruises on my neck.

I wear them like war wounds,

I hold my head high with pride.

Your lips, so delicate, kissing the hollow of my shoulder

while I drifted in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams.

Fireworks go off, yet they are colourless.

A black and white display of smoke

shrouded with echoing bangs.

They resound inside my soul like my heart

thumping into a drum roll at the touch of your fingers

my skin shakes.

I wake, and discover your arms

still around me, your gentle breathing,

your kisses lost in my hair,

you're still here.

I shut my eyes, and I can feel you

moving inside of me,

ocean waves flood my body

I allow them to draw me out to sea.

When I leave, you softly meet my lips

a final time, and the bang of the car door closing

sounds like a firework, lost in the night,

shattering the silence with black and white stars.

The End

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