Entwined on the bed
it’s on your face when you see
them together
adulterous beast
and it’s on the floor when your stomach hurts
and your teeth taste like acid

it’s on her dress,
the night you span around the room
to fleeting melodies you can’t remember
and it’s in your veins as your heart pummels against ribs
as she’s packing her bags

it’s her smile in mid-december
brightened by flickering flame as it
tries desperately to breathe
and it’s the walls of the room
you cannot bring yourself to walk into

it’s the sky,
lying on the grass in sicky June
rolling on the daisies
and it’s the colour of the room when she leaves

it’s the sky
the night you made love
under glinting eyes and forgiving smiles
of ones you never met
and it’s the room
when you fucked so hard you cried
and she told you to get out
five notes lighter.

It’s the colour of your soul
now you don’t know her breath
and the cobwebs on your voicebox
you know no words but

The End

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