Another strange one. Based on the different colours we have in our spectrum. The point is to cause the reader to think of the every day items we see that are coloured rather oddly, for lack of a better word.

The oddest van on the road

Beside the boldest Chevrolet ever

The streaks that define them

The essence that flows from its mien

Rightly so, rightly coloured

A dapple of blue here

And a splotch of yellow there

The blend of two to make one

Green: as the leaves on the tree

Green: as a child running through wet grass

Right into a puddle so brown

Bbq sauce ain't no match;

Though of course beside Ketchup

Their resemblance, rather uncanny

Joining the company is mayo

Who prefers his paleness

To the visible charred-ness of the other two

Albeit there are some grateful for the predicament

Whether carrot, cucumber, celery or even

A chicken wing... their connection,

And overall experience is most inspiring.


The End

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