In this game of pink

It relies on heart and not to think

Under this shell of blue

We can’t help but feel true

We fall into the soft green

In your arms is where I lean

At night appear swirls of yellow

You and I are surrounded by the flickering lights, my fellow

This is the kind of hot orange

We’ll break into love by bursting down its door hinge

My lips are painted passion red

Waiting to kiss you, I am patient in my head

The horizon shimmers indigo

Love lasts forever on time’s body from head to toe

The ocean ripples in sparkling aquamarine

This team consists of you and me

We follow the star that reflects divine iris

Together, on our way to challenge this

Alone we are only a dull Jade

But once composed we are everything made

We’ll always glimmer in beams of angelic white

As we fade into the light

But even when we die into gray

We’ll look down from above remembering the day

The End

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