Colorful heartbreak.

Painful love that's deemed doomed by all, but we still try, because... We don't know anything else. The opinions of others don't matter, just the way we feel about each other. I love you Shamae.

Though we are far apart,

We're still together,

And though it hurts my heart,

It doesn't matter,



Because we're still connected,

By chains of love,

Which were forged and perfected,

By the heavens above.



And how can we ignore,

Our gift from God?

If it tore,

To stay apart?



Someday we'll re-unite,

When "A Thousand Years" have past,

And our Love's light,

Will blind again at last.



So hold on Shamae,

'Cuz I won't let go,

Because I know someday,

I'll be your Keanu,



Our days will be endless then,

And we'll be truly happy,

Angels will shout Amen,

And we'll no longer feel crappy...


The End

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