White Bird

You're an oxygen mask

Well, it's quite hard to explain

What you've really done for me

But... you've helped me breathe again.


I was trapped in a bubble

It was clouded and dark

And you burst it's murky surface

And helped me open my heart


You forced me to cry

When I thought I had no more tears

But it unlocked a part of me

That I haven't felt in years.


You'd sing with me when asked,

That opened me up, too

Because your words were so reassuring

They reminded me that I can cope; I've already made it this far through


You're an angel, so beautiful

Protecting me with your wings

Lifting me up to see a new perspective

And making me appreciate new things


You've taught me to breathe.

You've taught me to fly.

I hope I'll never forget you,

I hope you'll never even have to say goodbye.

The End

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