Brown Bird

Hello, placebo
Wrap your wings around
To shield me from impending attack
Make sure I'm safe and sound

You're like soup on a cold day
A hot water bottle on a cold night
I can survive without you, but you help a lot
Because it's the thought that counts, right?

And you make me soar when you say I can fly
You'll say I'm good enough, and it's true
You say the rightest things at the rightest times
And actually, I feel much happier around you

Brown is so underrated.
And you may think you are mundane,
But I'm going to make you see past your feathers
So you can't doubt yourself again

You deserve to fly, and sing and see
Do all the things you want to do
You've earned your nest atop this tree,
And there's still not a bad feather on you.

The End

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