Orange Bird

Your bass notes are therapeutic,
I can't stop listening to your song
The way they rumble from your chest is so incredibly satisfying
I couldn't grow bored of this if you did it all day long

Your feathers are so soft,
Made of silk and warmth and velvet
When you spread your tiger lily petal wings
You look so fiery and beautiful and delicate

Your bright eyes are always pensive
As you stare at the world from my sill
You're a picture to me, an ornament
As you take in the world while so still

It feels selfish to admire you when you're in this state
And I'll admit that sometimes I muse
What life would be like if I could open your cage
But I can't risk it, you're too much to lose

You're a delight - good company, and never cold or aloof;
You seem perfect in every way.
So I do truly wish that you weren't locked up
And instead that you'd just choose to stay.

The End

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