This poem is super angsty, but I'm super angsty too. 
Warning: Angst


I feel it in my bones.
The tingle up my spine
The coldness in my toes
The hardness of my heart.
My eyes puff red
With the tears pent up inside
Evanescence ringing in my ears
As I ask myself
Why am I here?
The overwhelming feeling
Of doom and destruction
Hovers over my head daily
And yet, I can still plaster
A smile on my face.
Masks are all I wear
Now days. They conceal
What I feel
I know it's not healthy
But what else can I do?
All I want to do is
Sleep, sleep, and sleep
Some more.
But I can't. No matter
Now hard I try,
It escapes me.
I can't seem to get it
Out of my head.

I'm alone.
And probably will
Always be

The End

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