Fictional Love

I stare at the pages.
Visions before my eyes.
It’s hard to focus when
he cries out to me like this.

My teacher calls my name
I look up at her
But I do not see her.
Is this a blessing
or a curse that I
alone must bear?

My refuge,
my home,
My asylum.

I can hear him call out
to me, through the ages.
There is just but a
barrier of pages.

Why must my soul mate
be a man of fiction.
In my life I look for him.
In the crowds of blissfully
ignorant people.
Should I just
get a cat?

All my ‘friends’ find theirs
while I sit and read
about a man more perfect
for me.

“He’s not real,”
They say to me,
“Look up and live,
For there is much to see.”

But how can I look up
when I do not have eyes 
of this world?
I’d rather join my fictional love
on adventures, snuggled up
in a cold blanket.

Just me and me.


The End

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