Red Bird

Just a little poem I wrote; this is my first post on Protagonize and I just felt like I needed an icebreaker heheh

You can take my pain away
 Like non-prescription pills
 You're so simple, so easy to reach
 And you make time so easy to kill

 If only I could jump from a great height
 And have you catch me as I fall
 You would glide and swoop to scoop me up
 As soon as you heard my call.

 You're a bed of feathers, a field of red
 I could study you until there's no time left
 Your wings, your colour: electric crimson
 I'll find you at #FF003F

 Your eyes are fathomless, and your voice? A harmony.
 You can lull me away from the dark.
 You're a beacon of hope, a flaming torch
 And I'm some firewood in need of that spark.

The End

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