Collective Intelligence

Little humans
Swim for safety
All in a uniform blob.

Function one:
Function two: Evade.

Six or seven fishes in
Direct line with the jaws.
One scatters, 
though who can say which,
And the rest go with the flow.

Follow, into a tighter blob
Behind the jaws, behind the fins
Evade the tail
And watch the jaws.
The invisible line
That thrashes and flails and spins.

Patience, patience and endurance
Smaller fish outlast the big
That twists and turns and snaps and misses.
Just one or two of a thousand fishes
Lost but not forgotten.

Hunger! Anger! Simple humans!
Unintelligent but lucky--
Act as one and swim away
So tactfully.

Befalls the jaws.
And many humans live to not
Be eaten by the beast.
Follow on, then.
Move as one,
In relative peace.

The End

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