I Want to Love you, but I Cannot.

I want to love you, but I cannot.
For I am plagued with a sickness,
And thus I am stuck in my own reality.

I have succumbed to my weakness
And I have been hiding them since.
Still, you’re trying to exploit them
Like a fox in waiting for its prey.

I don’t want you to find out,
Although it’s obvious that you
Will not stop until you do.

And I fear for that day.
I fear that you will leave me once my
Secrets have been flooded out.

But then, I look at you, and I began to wonder.

It is you who have been with me all this time,
It is you who have entrusted me with your heart,
And it is me who haven’t bestow anything back.

I can’t keep my words,
Though I’ll make you a promise.

When I finally realize my potential,
I will tell you these three words three times:
I love you, I love you, I love you.

The End

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